Sonic.exe Nightmare Version Wiki

Not to be confused with the Worst endings in the older versions of Nightmare Beginning.

The Worst ending appears in Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning when all members of the first Trinity (Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman) die, or when Sonic dies to old Exetior in Destroyed Mind.



Sonic walks through Suicide Hill and sees the corpses of his dead friends and Dr. Eggman along the way. He finds spikes, and jumps into them, killing himself.


Old Exetior walks through the Master Emerald Shrine past the first Trinity and Metal Sonic, who have all been defeated. He jumps onto the Master Emerald, obtains its power, and it zooms in onto his face before it blacks out. It then shows red text saying, "Exetior killed off Sonic and his friends, and absorbed the master-emeralds power, with nobody to stop his wrath. Mobius will be doomed to be filled with the tormented souls of its inhabitants."