Sonic.exe Nightmare Version Wiki

The Worst ending appears in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare and Part 1 of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three when all members of the second Trinity (Amy, Cream, and Sally) all die.


Sally.exe Continued Nightmare[]

The ending's cutscene is shown through drawn images. It shows demonized Amy's head, then demonized Cream. They walk together through a bloodied Green Hill. Cream is shown to be holding a dead Flicky in her hands. Then they see demonized Sally sitting on a capsule used to trap animals, and then the Flicky is thrown inside the capsule. It ends with it showing various capsules.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]

Exetior and demonized Knuckles are seen standing near a palmtree during the night, then they turn to see demonized Tails, and a speech bubble where he is chasing a frightened Sonic appears above his head, then demonized Knuckles pushes Tails away. Then, the demonized girls walk up to Exetior. Exetior and Sally smile, and then it shows an image of the girls all together.