The Trio ending appears in Part 2 of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three when any of the second Trinity (Amy, Sally, Cream) reach Fatal Iron and Sally is not possessed by Stich-Lite.

Ending[edit | edit source]

The three girls reach Fatal Iron, and they see demonized Dr. Eggman in a screen. He welcomes them to his lab. He says that they shouldn't have come there, but since they did, he'll give them a "present". He acknowledges how they probably have questions and he'll try to answer some of them.

Sally angrily asks Eggman what he is up to, and asks if he is trying to distract them so he can betray them, killing those who he trusted just like in the past. Eggman is angered, and tells Sally to not talk about trust when her ancestors took away someone dear and close to him.

Cream asks him what's happening, and why her and the other two's friends as well as him look so weird and scary. She asks if he did something to them. Eggman answers that he didn't do it, but rather Exetior did, to help them. Amy accuses him of lying. Eggman says that they don't want to help the girls out, but rather prolong their lives, and that Exetior could make them stronger, smarter, and more important, and they would not lose each other. He says that their connection will remain the same, and asks Amy and Cream if that's what they're afraid of. The two become embarrassed.

Sally accuses him of trying to show his murders as heroism, and trying to turn them into soulless puppets. Eggman says that he wasn't talking to her, and says to Cream that the two of them are not friends and they'll probably never be, and that those in the Freedom Fighters group don't even know what who they praise did. He tells them to stop resisting, and that their lives will go on and Tails and Knuckles will be their friends again. He says maybe they'll even be able to bring back Sonic, but that if they continue to resist, they will be erased.

Cream asks who he is talking about, and Eggman says that the girls will find out when they join them, and asks if they agree. Cream admits that she just wants to be with Amy, and he promises that they will be together. Amy doesn't know what to say. Sally tells him to shut up, insulting him and declaring that she and the other girls will never give up.

Eggman sighs and says that Sally is still a stubborn fool. He asks her if she still operates on the old principles without thinking about what's really important, and says that is why Exetior and the Highests want to get rid of her. Sally is confused. He says that if they don't want to join, they'll have to meet an old friend.

Metal Exetior then flies down, and Eggman says that he and his friends will grind them into dust. Amy fiercely responds that she'll destroy Metal Exetior herself, but then Metal Amy and Metal Knuckles fly down to the ground as well, shocking Amy. Eggman introduces the three of the robots as "Team Metallix", and says that a very powerful source of energy has been used on them, making the girls have no chance against them.

Cream asks why he is doing this, and he answers that he has to do it for their sake, and that Exetior wants to save the three of them, so he ordered to take them at all costs. Metal Exetior grabs Sally and flies away with her, while Metal Knuckles flies away and Metal Amy grabs Cream. Amy runs off-screen afterwards. You then pick whether you want to play as Amy or Sally.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

This ending has variations depending on who survives, but when at least one of the girls survives, it ends with her walking out of Fatal Iron and looking at the sky.

If one of the girls dies, the surviving girl(s) will walk out, and then the "Eye" flashes on-screen, making her/them freak out. If the entire second Trinity survives, it will show them running post-credits. Amy then gets killed, freaking out Sally and Cream, and then Cream dies, making Sally start crying, and then finally, Sally dies.

If Amy survives but Cream is still with Metal Amy, Amy will look at the two of them from behind the laser in Fatal Iron. Metal Amy laughs before letting Cream go and flying away. Cream then gets killed by the oncoming laser in front of Amy.

If Amy doesn't make it in time but Metal Amy and Cream do, Metal Amy laughs before throwing Cream in front of the laser, killing her. Metal Amy then runs away, and shortly after Amy gets killed by the oncoming laser.

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