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Tails Doll is a doll counterpart of Tails whose debut and only canonical appearance so far is in Nightmare Shorts: Recall.



Tails Doll was an ordinary doll. But once, somehow, a Time Stone appeared near it and it began to mix with the doll, becoming its brain. But because of the virus, the Tails Doll fueled by the Time Stone has a strange goal of "destroying time". However, it can't do this in the "X-Dimension", where there is no time.[1]

Nightmare Shorts: Recall[]

Tails Doll appears late on in the episode, after Tails and Knuckles escape from the respective worlds that sAnITy sent them to. Tails notes that the Time Stone is on Tails Doll's head, and tries to ask the doll to give it to them, but it just flies away instead, prompting Tails and Knuckles to chase after it.

When Tails and Knuckles have once again escaped the worlds that they were sent to by sAnITy, they resume chasing after Tails Doll. Tails eventually flies up to the doll and tries to snatch the stone, but it activates a green shield that electrocutes Tails. However, Tails manages to kick the doll despite being electrocuted, launching the doll into the lava where it sinks and gets burnt.

Sally.exe: Whisper of Soul[]

Tails Doll plays a major role the Spirits Series[2], in Round 1, he is ordered by Robotnik to take the Chaos Emerald to Azure Lake and to stay away from Sonic, it is presumed he is unable to as the next appearance of Tails Doll depicts it with an eye slashed out, which curses it. He is encountered by Cream in Round 2, who he protects.

Cream Solo and Duo Endings[]

If someone dies, Tails Doll temporarily deactivates. Cream has the option to either leave it behind (which lets her traverse the stage much faster), or take it with her. If she doesn't, Tails Doll appears later on and battles either Cream or the other one that survived. If she does, Tails Doll commits suicide, leaving its Chaos Emerald and the gem on its head.

Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium[]

Tails Doll is one of the bosses. You encounter it after you catch up with Tails and Knuckles. When it appears, Tails mentions that the doll was destroyed, referring to the events that took place in Nightmare Shorts. Knuckles tries to spindash into Tails Doll, but it kills him and Tails in a brutal way using its powers. Then, the battle starts.

As the battle begins, Tails Doll summons several copies of sAnITy's Sonic form and starts attacking using laser beams and energy waves, which float above the floor. It's also capable of creating false/illusive copies of itself during the battle. As its HP value reaches 5, it creates a true copy of itself and starts to attack more intensively.


Not much is known about Tails Doll's personality other than that it has the goal of destroying time due to the Zalgo virus.[1]


Tails Doll is a doll version of Tails, possessing the same orange and white fur as Tails, but with many differences. It has beady black eyes, no mouth, its shoes have one white stripe instead of being partially white, and a red gem sticking out from the top of its head.


Tails Doll can fly, and it also has a green shield that electrocutes those who touch it.


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