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"I'm sorry Sonic.. I had no choice." - Tails after killing one of Exeller's clones.



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Sonic.exe: Spirits of Hell[]

Tails goes to Green Hill Zone to check on Sonic after he stopped responding on his communicator. When Tails arrives, he sees multiple dead animals and blood soaked trees. Once he makes it to Sonic, Tails feels a massive headache and Sonic open his eyes. If Tails decides to go with Sonic without a Green Ring, he will die, but if he flies away he will be taken to Hide And Seek, and will run away. Tails is chased by Exeller and if he failed to jump over the cliff, he would fall unconscious and Exeller will say it is time for Tails to go. Then He spindashes him, making it so Tails didn't survive,

but if Tail manages to jump and hide, he will be taken to Hide And Seek Act 2, where he hides and flees from Exeller in a Giant Ring.


Tails before meeting Sonic, was lonely and had a low self-esteem due to being made fun of. After becoming friends with him, Tails became was friendly, calm, level-headed and intelligent, being there to help Sonic in beating Dr. Eggman on multiple occasions.

Even after being killed and enslaved by Exeller, he still was able to keep control of himself even if just a little, evident by when he saves Dr. Eggman (Exeller) and brings him to Mountain Peak in the Knuckles & Eggman route if Knuckles dies.


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