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Stich-Lite is one of the Highests and a major antagonist in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three. Her main goal is to erase the Demons like Exetior, Sark, and others along with Mobius.



Stich-Lite participated in the war between Highests and Demons. She kept Sark under captivity when he went to prison, and tortured him to do away with his mental stability.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]

Stich-Lite does not canonically appear until Part 2, where she plays a major role.

In the Ex-aitor Ending of Part 1, she appears in Sally's body behind Sonic and tells Exetior that his time is over, causing him to flee. She then convinces Sonic to attack Exetior, and he agrees and starts to chase after him. She appears near the end, chasing after Exetior, as the screen fades to white.

In Part 2, she is first seen when Sally is walking around Negagen's temple. Sally freezes in shock upon seeing her, and then Stich-Lite enters her mind.

Sally manages to stay in control for a bit, but when Sally and the girls reach Fatal Iron, she gets knocked away by Metal Knuckles. When Metal Exetior approaches Sally, Stich then gains control of her and grabs Metal Exetior. Stich decides to have a "warm-up" and deal with the robots. She tosses Metal Exetior at Metal Amy, knocking her away. Stich then goes to fight against Metal Knuckles and Metal Exetior, but Metal Amy wants to deal with Amy instead. During Stich's fight with the other two, Metal Amy gets hit by one of her beams, weakening her, and later one of her beams ends up breaking the a part of the floor.

Stich is seen flying towards Metal Knuckles, who is carrying Cream. He mentions to Amy that Metal Exetior's self-medication system was damaged by Stich and that she needs to hurry. She is later seen again taunting Metal Knuckles, who is failing to hit her with his missiles. When Metal Exetior is panicking because he can't get a signal of Metal Amy or Knuckles, Stich appears behind him and hits him with a beam. She then teleports into Dimension MB-14, and notes her body feeling a connection with Amy and Cream.

Her final appearance canonically is behind Sark, who is looking over the injured Exetior and unconscious Negagen.

In the Def-ictory Ending, she descends to the floor after defeating all three robots. She notices that her body feels terrible and realizes it must be because of Cream and Amy's deaths. She then receives a report from the All-Father, giving Sally a little time to regain control, but Stich quickly returns. She then flies away laughing as the screen fades to black. After the credits, she is seen standing over the defeated Exetior.

Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium[]

|<The information shown below is non-canon.>
Stich-Lite is only seen in a beginning cutscene talking to the All-Father. He orders her to go to the top and wish that Demons never existed, to which she complies.

Nightmare Shorts: Wave Perception[]

Stich-Lite is seen twice, in the beginning and in the first war between Demons and Highests.


Stich is very determined to fulfill her mission to eliminate Exetior, to the point where she doesn't care at all for her host's feelings. She is also cocky, as she taunts the robots various times.


Stich-Lite can fly, possess others' bodies, shoot white beams, and erase objects and beings.