Sonic.exe Nightmare Version Wiki

Sonic.Exe: Nightmare Beginning is a 2D platformer game created by Jaiz Koys. It is the first in a series of games dubbed the "Sonic.exe Nightmare Version". The GameJolt page has amassed over 290.000 views and is nearing 500 likes. The game is available in English, Italian, and Russian, which is the developer's native language.

The game is heavily based off of the original Sonic.exe creepypasta story and the playable fangame it was based on, but this game contains a number of changed elements which are all for telling a completely original story and experience.

The story follows Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman as he was called) as they attempt to survive the murderous assaults of the archdemon Exetior. The game features a huge amount of endings, all of which are determined whether how the characters act out in their story. The game is proceeded by Sally.exe: Continued Nightmares and Eye of Three, which takes place after the game's bad ending.

A remake is in the works, which plans on remaking the levels, incorporating a new soundtrack, and much, much more. It will also have Exetior's character consistent between the game and its sequel.

Current Version

The current public version of the game is as you would expect. You are free to download it from the Gamejolt website.


The gameplay imitates the Sega Genesis era of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, with levels set in those locations. Level design is minimal and flat, this is possibly due to the game mostly focuses on the plot or having you achieve different endings. The game has you play as three characters: Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Dr. Robotnik, who is called Eggman in this game.

After that, it will deviate ever so large. Exetior is the main antagonist of the game and will try at nothing to murder the three playable characters, the player will have to rely on their own instincts and experience regarding past playthroughs to eventually come out at the top. The game has you run or hide from Exetior by way of hiding behind objects, defend yourself from Exetior during a thick fog, and other mechanics which have you fend of Exetior.

The game features 8 endings: two which fully confirm Exetior's destruction, three in which one of the three playable characters personally kill Sonic's body, and three in which all three die. There only exists one ending in which each of the playable characters survives alongside Sonic, but that can only be achieved by ways of specific actions during the events of the game.


It is confirmed that there is a remake in the works, so this story synopsis may change at some point. The synopsis will also be really incomplete, as this writer does not have the full story.

The title screen of Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning.

While relaxing in Green Hill Zone, Sonic was possessed by Exetior in an attempt to control his body. Sonic's "mind guardian" called Creep put an end to Exetior's attempt, but tells him that in order to invade Sonic's mind, he would have to murder Sonic's friends. Murdering Sonic's friends would lose Sonic's hope and be more susceptible to being controlled.



The remake of Sonic.EXE Nightmare Beginning has a revamped soundtrack, remade levels, and brand new original levels, including the dark-ring avoiding stage, Priceless Freedom. The creator of this game stated that he wanted to remake this game so that Exetior's personality is consistent with the Sally.exe Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three characterization. This time, Tails is accused by "Sonic" of murdering all of the animals, and attempts to blow Tails up at Angel Island. Tails escapes, but the entire jungle is set on fire in the process.