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|<This is a featured article!>Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the protagonists in the Nightmare Series games. His body is taken over by Exetior and is locked inside his subconscious by Creep, however, his strength and will allows him to still be alive inside. He is determined to escape from Exetior and save his friends, so he can eventually finish Exetior off and finally put an end to this all. He is voiced by DarkBox.



In his youth, he was a frisky young hedgehog and he was eager to help the Freedom Fighters in with fight against Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

One day, when he broke into the base of the scientist, he found old photos of Ivo and some mysterious, young girl. Near with photos lay some files, inside of them it was written that the mysterious girl was his daughter, Jessy. Sonic read through the files, which, the files revealed that the Mobians had killed Eggman's daughter, this caused Sonic to take a lot of things into consideration, rethinking most of his actions.

After that, he became calmer and eventually settled down near the woods with Tails and Knuckles. He also refused to join the Freedom Fighters, but he agreed to still protect inhabitants from Eggman's robots.α

One day, Sonic heard about an unusual hedgehog that lived in the Iron Forest, a place known for its deadly saws and traps. He went in search of her and as a result, almost died, but the hedgehog that Sonic had came to "rescue", Amy, came and rescued him from nearly being cut up.

After being rescued, he told her about possibly joining in on the team of brave warriors, dubbed the "Freedom Fighters" and Amy suprisingly agreed to join. Sonic eventually came to really like Amy, but she thought he was too narcissistic.[1]

Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning

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Sonic appears in Subconscious Mind and Suicide Hill. His main appearance is within "Destroyed Mind", where he attempts defeat Exetior in a battle for his own mind.

Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning Remake

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Sally.exe Continued Nightmare

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Sonic only appears in a secret, where he is playable. At first, he is with Tails and Knuckles, but then it's revealed that he is actually in his mind.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three

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Nightmare Shorts: Recall

Sonic is seen when demonized Tails almost falls into a pit of spikes, where he is impaled. Tails yells "Sonic, no!" before flying away.

Nightmare Shorts: Wave Perception

Sonic is shown as one of Negagen's servants near the end of the episode.

Exe-Line 1

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When it shows demonized Tails and demonized Knuckles in Sonic's mind, Sonic appears and the other two look at him pleadingly, but Sonic turns away from them and walks away.

Exe-Line 2

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Sonic is seen several times throughout the simulations of Nightmare Beginning in the episode. One scene at the end shows the Good ending where Sonic tries to escape Destroyed Mind without having defeated old Exetior. Exetior dashes to him and stops him from running. Near the end, a blue beam hits the both of them, and for a split second it flashes Chaos Hunter's face, with one of his eyes resembling Exetior's.


Sonic had a nack for adventure and speed, and always had a cheerful and positive character, which, albeit a bit selfish and self-centered, he still proved to be useful for work.[1]

In his subconscious, he is often frowning and speaks in a way that seems to suggest that he is exhausted. He does not see his demonized friends as friendly due to Chaos Hunter's influence.[1]


Super Sonic

Super Sonic from Sonic X

Sonic is by far the fastest and most agile character in the entire series, perhaps only beaten by Exetior and maybe some other demons, gods and other cosmic entities, that do or don't, at least not yet, appear in the series. He is also very strong in physical strength again beaten by Exetior. Sonic shows very high intelligence and a very powerfull will, as he is able to partially control himself even when Exetior is trying to fully take Sonic's entire body and tries to fight against Exetior from the inside to get rid of him and regain control. Sonic has Sonic Wind, White Blast, Chaos Control, Chaos Blast and Light Speed Attack. He also has other skills and abilities, like giant energy balls called extras and holy drops that heal him, as well as an ability called sacrifice, which is something that drains some of his health to make him stronger. He can use the 7 chaos emeralds to turn Super and can use the Master Emerald to cause the 7 Chaos Emeralds turn into Super Emeralds, causing Sonic to turn Hyper. He also has other forms, such as Dark Sonic and Darkspine Sonic, which are mostly negative energy forms. These 4 are possibly the most common forms Sonic uses against his enemies.

Super Sonic from Sonic RPG

Super Sonic: Super Sonic is Sonic's iconic transformation when he harnesses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. In this form, Sonic's blue spines turns into a gold color, his peach skin gains a slightly golden hue, and quills upturned. Additionally, his green eyes become ruby red. Sonic's strength and already legendary speed are bolstered to high levels, and he is nigh invulnerable. Sonic also yields immense power, allowing to take on powerful opponents such as Dr. Eggman and possibly Exetior, as well as the other demons, the other Sonic EXEs and of course, the original Sonic EXE, the one called X, who is just Dark Matter. ln this form, Sonic surpasses his base form strength tenfold. This form is basically Super Saiyan. This from has achieved very big and difficult feats, such as defeating Solaris, someone who can even destroy whole dimensions. In the Super form, Sonic is possibly as strong or even stronger than Darkspine Sonic, as the power of the chaos emeralds themselves allows Sonic to be invurnerable, that being a very important advantage over Darkspine Sonic. Super Sonic is also Sonic's most common form that he uses against his enemies. He can also use his super form to use chaos control and go back in time, which is something that he could do in his base form, only with having all 7 chaos emeralds in possession. Sonic could beat Exetior, as well as Nazo and Seelkdoom in this form, try harding and barely staying alive actually, as these enemies are still stronger than Super Sonic, and Sonic knows that his Super form isn't enough to defeat them, and just barely winning the battles completely on his own, yet, these villains could easily beat Sonic, even in his Super form with relative ease. Sonic had an incident with the Master Emerald before when battling Robotnik and intead of being killed by a beam of the Master Emerald, he actually absorbed it and now, due to this this small incident, Sonic can now turn Super at will, if his health is completely full or at least almost completely full. While the Super form is the SUper Saiyan and increases Sonic's power immensily, there aren't many forms of Sonic that are weaker than the Super form. The Darkspine form is one of the few weaker than Super form SOnic's forms.

Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic from Sonic RPG

Hyper Sonic: Hyper Sonic is Sonic's iconic tranformation when he uses the power of the 7 Super Emeralds. This from has a power 10 times higher than that of Super Sonic. It is one of the current most powerfull tranformations of Sonic. This from is basically Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan ( also known as Super Saiyan Blue and SSGSS ). In this from Sonic likely posseses enough power to outmatch all the demons in the current series, including Exetior. In this from, Sonic can fight some of the strongest villains in the Universe and save his friends too, pretty much in relativley easy ways, as forms of Sonic that might be stronger or much stronger than this one are very rare indeed and there are only a few. This from also seems to be faster in speed than Super Sonic too. This form is basically the Super form combined with powers of gods and basically the super state of Sonic as a hedgehog with power of god, a reference to Dragon Ball, where the saiyans use power of gods to become gods and then use their Super Saiyan form to get SSGSS, and Sonic does the same thing, which allows us to know that Hyper Sonic is SSGSS, where it's the super state of someone who posseses the power of a god, in this case Sonic the hedgehog. In this upgraded form, Sonic's chaos control abilities are also enhanced, in comparison to his Base form and Super form. In the Sonic RPG series, Sonic used.the Sapphire to cause his Super from gain powers of gods, causing Sonic to turn Hyper. Then, Sonic defeated Seelkadoom. Sonic basically used the Sapphire as a source of divine power. As already known, the Sapphire has the same properties as the Master Emerald, and posseses powers the strength of gods. Sonic absorbed this divine power. Combining the divine power with his Super from allows him to reach his Hyper form. Hyper Sonic has all of Super Sonic's abilities, all of Sonic's abilities with divine power, and all of the abilities are increased to higher levels of power. Since Sonic absorbed the divine power of the Sapphire in Sonic RPG 9 and combined it with himself, as the Sapphire has the same properties as the Master Emerald, and Sonic absorbed the power of the Master Emerald already, Sonic can now turn Hyper Sonic, whenever he wants at will.

Dark Sonic

Dark Sonic from Sonic X

Dark Sonic: This is a form where Sonic uses all the 7 Chaos Emeralds but this is not the case of Super Sonic. In this from, Sonic becomes purely black, with no pupils and only light white eyes. This form uses the negative energy of the 7 Emeralds and this from is presumed to be stronger than Super Sonic. As Dark Sonic, Sonic demonstrates light-speed movements, high enough to tear through a robot multiple times within a second simply by dashing through it, while not even being visible. He also possesses very high physical strength, enough to make dents in metal and caves in a robot's face with one punch. With the negative chaos energy, Dark Sonic surpasses Super Sonic and Darkspine Sonic but not Hyper Sonic. In this form, Sonic's chaos control is better than the Super form too, but probably not as good as that of the Hyper form. Dark Sonic basically has some feeilings somewhat bad and evil, but also very sad ones. Dark Sonic is much more aggressive and hateful, as well as desireful to destroy, in comparison to other Soni'c forms. And also, just like Darspine Sonic, Dark Sonic posseses many emotions of sadness, and potentially has more violent and aggressive feelings than Darkspine Sonic. Dark Sonic is also demonstrated to posses much more anger and aggression, as well as potential desire to destroy even a fly than other Sonic's forms. Note: Dark Sonic is the most common form Sonic uses against Exetior. It is unknown why. Dark Sonic seems to have two forms. During his mid-transformation, he still resembles Sonic, but his fur is a dark blue color and his body emits a dark blue aura. In the final phase of his transformation however, he looks similar to Super Sonic, and his back quills are longer. He still retains the dark blue aura around him, but his eyes have no pupils or irises, the mouth disappears, his fur is black and his skin is a dark gray color.

Darkspine Sonic

Darkspine Sonic countering Alf Layla wa-Layla's Spirit Blast.

Darkspine Sonic: It is a transformation of Sonic achieved when he used the World Rings of rage, hatred and sadness. In this form, Sonic is slightly more violent and aggressive due to the influence of the World Rings' sealed feelings. In this form, Sonic has increased physical strength, enough to send Alf Layla wa-Layla's strongest attack back at him with brute force alone. He also obtains the power of high-speed flight, similar to his Super State. He is also granted pyrokinetic abilities, allowing him to create and control fire. Ηe can create concentrated flames on his hands and feet to amplify the destructive force behind his attacks, and form highly powerful bursts of flames. His attacks focus more on hand-to-hand combat, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses. He is also able to perform Time Break and Speed Break without relying on the magic of Shahra's Ring, and he can generate the necessary amount of soul energy he needs for these moves, himself. As the World Rings are what keep the world of the Arabian Nights together, it appears that Darkspine Sonic is also capable of warping the appearance of the reality of the Arabian Nights' universe to some degree: with one gesture, Sonic was able to revert Erazor Djinn's realm back to normal while also expelling the World Rings' power from his body. Unlike the traditional Super State, Darkspine Sonic is not invulnerable, meaning he can still get hurt by standard attacks. As a trade-off though, he does not burn through Rings in order to maintain his form.


When in his subconscious, Sonic's eyes have black sclerae with grey pupils, symbolizing his enslavement.[2] Otherwise, he looks identical to his normal self.


  • Many demons have taken his appearance in some way: some examples would be Exetior, Sark, Negagen, Pervision, and Creep.
  • Sonic is the only one who can predict Chaos Hunter's moves, because the latter is also Sonic.[3]



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