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Shadow Tails is a version of Tails that is shadow-like in appearance. He appears in Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium.


Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium[]

Shadow Tails appears in Part 2 at the end of Diana and Sark's routes.

Diana's Route[]

After Exeana goes fight Sark's Cream, Shadow Tails is seen walking through with their decapitated heads on the ground. He calls for Shadow Cream to take the rabbit's head, as Shadow Sonic needs to convince "one idiot" that they weren't joking. She complies by flying towards the head to Sark's Cream.

Sark's Route[]

After Sark runs off further into the tower after he kills Exeana, the decapitated head of Sark's Sally hits Sark's Cream on the back. Shadow Tails then appears alongside Shadow Cream. Sark's Cream proceeds to cut off her shut eyelid and vows to destroy the two. She runs towards them.


Not much is known about Shadow Tails' personality yet.


Shadow Tails looks like Tails, but with dark grey fur instead of orange, and black sclerae with red pupils.