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|<This article needs development. Help by adding to it.> Sally Acorn is a minor character that is a version of Sally from Sark's dimension, and is one of his servants. She is voiced by RainbowPanda.



Just like Sally (Continued Nightmare), she was friends with her dimension's Cream and Amy.

When Sark came in their dimension, he not only killed and possessed the Sonic in that dimension, but managed to demonize most of the inhabitants living there, including Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Amy, Cream, and Sally herself. Sark then began to use them as his servants. Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman, as a result of disobeying Sark, were killed by Sark himself. He then used the girls as his only other servants.

Her death was caused by the rocks that crushed her.[1]

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare[]

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Sally is only seen in an Easter Egg involving demonized Amy, where she is seen with Sark, as well as his Amy and his Cream.

Nightmare Shorts: Sark's Reasoning[]

Sally is seen about to approach Sark at the beginning, but then she is stopped by Cream's spikes.

Sark's Cutscene[]

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After Amy Rose decided to come back from staying with Exetior's Amy, Sally, and Cream, she encounters her dimension's Sally. Cream appears too, and they corner her. Sark then finds Amy, getting ready to torture her, but Sally, as well as Sark and Cream, get attacked and stopped. After Amy is taken away, Sark demands Sally help him "relax", to which she complies.

Nightmare Shorts: Wonders of Naivety[]

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After Pervision says that Exetior will not be pleased with Cream insulting his guest (Rosy), a boulder knocks Cream off-screen. Sally appears to apologize, saying that Cream can be quite brazen. Pervision replies he didn't need an apology, and that Amy did. She then apologizes to Amy. Cream comes back and argues that she could've said sorry to Amy herself. Sally responds that Cream already made them look bad. Sally procceeds to kick her up in the air and off-screen. She then says she will teach Cream a lesson, and the two start fighting off-screen.

Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium[]

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Sally only appears as a decapitated head hitting Cream's back.


Sark's Sally looks identical to normal Sally, but with bleeding stitches in place of her eyes.


Sally's personality is changed, due to the way Sark demonizes his victims. She is a lot less friendly, and more vicious, though definitely not as much as Cream.


Sally has super strength, and to make up for her lack of eyes, she can feel everything around her.



Sark and Sally are master and servant. Sally is Sark's most liked servant and his "partner". Sally is obedient towards Sark, and secretly has a crush on him, but she hides it.[1]

Cream (Sark)[]

Cream and Sally are co-workers. Cream is jealous of Sally because of the attention she gets from Sark, and has even attacked her once. Sally does not really like Cream, and has attacked her as well.

Amy Rose[]

Sally and Amy are co-workers. Sally does not like Amy, but it is unknown how Amy really feels about Sally. When they were alive, Amy was jealous of Sally for getting more attention from Sonic.


Sally has contempt for Exetior,[1] but it is unknown how Exetior feels about Sally.



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