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Priceless Freedom is a level in Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning Remake. It is one of the levels where you play as Tails in an attempt to escape from Exetior. It is a pocket dimension made by Exetior.


Priceless Freedom seems to be a version of an indoor Scrap Brain with red brick walls.


Tails moves through the levels until eventualy encountering Exetior, who tells Tails that he wants to make a deal with the fox. This is the first appearance of the black rings. If Tails accepts the deal, he will become demonized. If he refuses, he will run off, prompting a chase with Exetior and black rings throughout. Tails will need to reach the Warp Ring at the end while avoiding the black rings and staying ahead of Exetior. Touching a black ring will demonize Tails, and getting caught by Exetior will cause all of the rings to magnetically touch Tails, demonizing him. If Tails escapes, he will survive and move on to Desolation Scrap.