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Pervision is an antagonist first introduced in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare. He is an apprentice of Exetior, and has a creation named Jina. He is voiced by DarkBox.



Not much is known about Pervision's past other than that he met Exetior before the war between demons and Highests, joining him because it gave him the resources he needed.[1] When Exetior lost the war, Pervision was sent to prison and punished, but he somehow escaped later.[2] His dimension is in chaos. A LOT OF CHAOS.[3]

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare[]


Nightmare Shorts EP 3 Recall

|<The information shown below is part of a simulation.> Amy, where he is seen with Boddys as well as four Sonic clones.

He never actually appears outside of the beginning cutscene in Part 1 alongside Brally and Boddys as well as in the cutscene with Amy Rose where he approaches Exetior to inform him that Exeller wants to talk to him. However, he is mentioned by Christy, and is indirectly responsible for almost everyone in Desert City dying.

Nightmare Shorts: Wonders of Naivety[]

|<The information shown below is non-canon.>
Pervision appears when Sark's Cream is insulting Amy Rose. He says that Exetior will not be pleased when he finds out some kid tried to insult his guest, and Cream is angered, calling him a "one-eyed freak". But then she is shoved away by a red m from Sark's Sally, who apologizes about Cream, saying she can be quite brazen.

He says that he doesn't need an apology and that Amy does. Sally soon apologizes to Amy. Cream comes back and tells Sally that she could've done it herself. Sally responds that she's already made the two of them look bad, and proceeds to kick her. She states that she'll teach her a lesson, and leaves. Pervision offers to escort Amy home, and she accepts.

Nightmare Shorts: Recall[]

Pervision appears with Tails, Knuckles, Boddys, and Brally near an unknown dimension. He leaves shortly after to research the dimension. Later after, he looks for Tails and Knuckles, and sees that they have discovered the dimension themselves. He then says to himself that he will ask them about it later.

Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium[]

|<The information shown below is non-canon.>
Pervision is seen with Brally talking to Exekan in Part 2, asking him why he is in the tower if he didn't enter to fulfill a wish or to fight with him.

ExeKan says that he couldn't meet with Pervision anywhere except for in the tower, and that is why he arrived. He asks Pervision to teach him "correct" demonization. Pervision says that the information is secret and he can't tell it to strangers, but that he can make a concession if Exekan does something for him. He agrees.

Pervision explains that someone told him uninvited guests entered the tower, namely two Demons led by Sark and Metal Exetior, although Dr. Eggman himself said that he didn't sent Metal Exetior and a couple of hedgehogs. He gives Dr. Eggman the task of stopping them, delaying them, or even destroying them. Offenderman states that he's not sure he can handle them alone, but Pervision informs him that he will be giving Dr. Eggman troops.

He is the boss after Shadow Knuckles in Part 2. He takes 15 hits to defeat. He summons his Sonic clones throughout the fight, and he is too high up to reach, so the player character (Metal Exetior/Diana/Sark) will need the help of their companion (Metal Amy, Exeana, and Cream respectively) to hit him. When he is down to 5 hits, he will reveal his true form.

Metal Exetior's Route[]

Pervision says that he's been waiting for Metal Exetior. Metal Exetior proceeds to detect that the enemy is ahead. Pervision says that he was right, and that Eggman sent Metal Exetior to bring the former's family back to life. Pervision explains that he can't allow it because it would be more profitable for Exetior to destroy the tower and not wait another thousand years. He states that he's waiting ahead.

When Metal Exetior and Metal Amy reach him, Pervision says that he doesn't want to be too cruel and offers Metal Exetior the choice to give up on climbing the tower, vowing to destroy him and then his creator if he refuses. If he leaves, it will trigger the Coward Ending.

If he doesn't, Pervision says that Metal Exetior has condemned his creator to death as a traitor. Metal Exetior declares that he and Metal Amy will overcome Pervision and fulfill the wish of their creator, to which Metal Amy agrees. Pervision asks them if they really want to fulfill Eggman's desire, but then says that it doesn't matter.

Diana's Route[]

Pervision says that he's been waiting for the two of them (Diana and Exeana), and tells them to not be afraid as there are no traps. When the two reach him, Diana asks him if he is Pervision. He confirms it, but says that he's not in the mood to mess with them as he has more important things to do.

He offers them the choice to give up, and says that he will defeat them and weaponize them for Exetior's benefit if they refuse. Exeana yells "No way!", but Diana has the choice to leave. If she leaves, it will trigger the Coward Ending.

If he doesn't, Pervision says that he expected it and tells them to get ready. He remarks how they'll have a fun life as his puppets without will and feelings, then the fight starts.

Once he is defeated, Pervision enters a red warp ring and says that he didn't expect the living to beat him, but that he needs to save his strength. He says Eggman will stop them or Exetior will find out about the former's plan and he will have problems.

Sark's Route[]

Sark stops walking and calls out for him, referring to him as an "one-eyed bastard". Pervision comments on his lack of manners and says that he's waiting for Sark ahead, and to not hope to leave alive. When Sark reaches him, he says he's surprised they're meeting face-to-face. Pervision says that even if he's a Sharper he won't hide due to the ideas and desires of Exetior.

Sark asks Pervision why he thinks he has something against Exetior. Pervision responds that he knows Sark too well and has been watching him for a long time, but didn't have any direct evidence. Sark asks what he is going to do now. He answers that he will crush Sark personally, and that if he fails and dies, his death will be proof of Sark's betrayal. Sark calls him a freak and tells Cream to get ready, starting the fight.

Once he is defeated, Pervision will be thrown into the sky against red spikes made by Cream. He asks Pervision if he has any last words, and Pervision says that Exetior saw this fight and laughs weakly. Sark calls him a bastard before kicking him into a red warp ring.


Pervision is polite and even shows kindness to others sometimes, such as in Nightmare Shorts: Recall, where he refuses to shove his pet Boddys or his assistant Brally into the mysterious portal. He seems to be a very smart demon, mainly due to the fact that his dialogue is the most formal out of all demons. He enjoys experimenting on others, and is solitary.


Pervision looks identical to Sonic, but his colors are a bit duller and he has only one red eye with a black sclera. He "blinks" constantly due to overflowing chaos energy.[3]


Pervision has the ability to fly and sense lifeforms, as well as demonize and summon clones of Sonic.exe that will fight for him.



Exetior and Pervision are master and servant. Pervision is respectful to Exetior, acting with politeness towards him, and Exetior considers Pervision one of his most trusted allies.[3]


Pervision and Brally are master and assistant. Pervision considers Brally to be very helpful, and Brally is obedient towards him.


and Boddys are owner and pet. Pervision shows affection to Boddys and is considerate of his feelings, but it is unknown how Boddys really feels about him.

Christy Glow[]

Pervision and Christy are master and servant. They are on good terms, as Pervision taught her how to speak and agreed when she asked him to improve Merely and Jenny when they get demonized.


Pervision and Jina are Master and servant/creation. Many believe that they are father and daughter but Jaiz said this is not true through a comment on youtube. Jina doesnt think to fondly of Pervision, and would rather go hang out with Exetior than help Pervision with his experiments. Pervision seems to be disapointed by this behavior but does nothing about it. It's unknown how Pervision really feels about her though.


  • Currently, Pervision has never been seen touching the ground.
  • He has almost achieved his "Arch-Demon" title.[4]
  • Pervision's name comes from "perverted" and "vision".[5]
  • He has one of the most sensitive perceptions of Chaos energy.[6]
  • According to his sprite artist, RetroKrasher, his spines are longer than Sonic's.[7]



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