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The Nightmare Series (also known as the Nightmare Universe, the Nightmare Trilogy, and Nightmare Version) is a series of fangames by Jaiz Koys based on the Sonic.exe creepypasta, though it is very different from the creepypasta in many ways, such as plot-wise. There are currently only two games that have been made, but four more are planned.

List of games in order of release[]

Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning[]

The first game. This revolves around Exetior's escape from hell to fully control Sonic's body, with Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman attempting to survive against him.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare[]

The older version of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three. It had only one part, there was no "Eye", and Exetior's personality was similar to the one he had in Nightmare Beginning, unlike the newer version.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]

The latest game. This takes place after the bad ending of Nightmare Beginning Remake, with Amy, Cream, and Sally Nettle attempting to survive against Exetior and his new servants: Tails and Knuckles. There are two parts, in which in the second Amy is transported to Negagen's Temple, Cream is transported to Pervision's dimension, and Sally is transported to Blood Wood.

Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning Remake[]

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The remake of Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning that is being made to fit in with the new personality of Exetior, as well as the new story. It is currently being revamped.

Sally.exe: Finished Nightmare[]

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The continuation of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare. It was originally not canon but has since become canon.[1]

Project 25: Viral Dream[]

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A game about Pervision's experiments with one of his dimensions in which a worm virus has been created. Not much else is known about it yet.

Cover Story[]

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The sequel of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three that takes place after the true ending. Not much is known about it yet. It has been confirmed by JaizKoys that this will be the game to close off the series, and therefore will be made last.