The Madness ending appears in Part 2 of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three when Sally fails to save Cream from being killed by the mind-controlled Amy.

Ending[edit | edit source]

When Amy and Cream are seen walking through Negagen's Temple as Amy suddenly stops in her tracks. Cream looks back as Amy is suddenly taken control of by Negagen. She receives her final order to kill Cream and then chases after her as Cream begs Amy to stop.

Sally, from a lower level of the temple, then sees the mind-controlled Amy chasing Cream and then gives chase. If Sally doesn't arrive in time to stop her, she finds a dead Cream in front of her and realizes in fear that Amy killed her. The mind-controlled Amy then states to Sally she'll kill her, wanting to be "gentle" with her. Amy then tries to sway Sally, asking if she's afraid of her own best friend. Sally responds that her body is being used, but the mind-controlled Amy denies it.

Sally then warns her to keep away, activating her electric shield gadget. Amy tries to manipulate Sally, asking her if she would hurt her own best friend. Sally can't come to an answer. Amy tells her they should be together, adding that Cream will soon be with them. She then reminds Sally of the "Eye" of three.

Sally refuses to join the mind-controlled Amy, stating that while she loves her, she isn't who she is, referring to the entity controlling her. She states she will avenge Cream and especially Amy, and fights the mind-controlled Amy. After killing Amy, Sally suddenly falls under the influence of the "Eye" virus and laughs maniacally, going insane.

Later, demonized Knuckles can be seen communicating with Exetior. Exetior orders him to check the area, as he found out the girls were somehow able to defeat Negagen. He states that his apprentice was able to teleport to the base of the last forces, but exhausted himself in the process. Exetior concludes they've underestimated the "Eye"'s power, but the girls don't know how to use its power, giving them the upper hand.

He requests Knuckles to find the girls, and kill any one he finds, capturing no one, adding that it would weaken them. While Exetior would send Tails with him, he's very unstable.

Knuckles is ready to leave, but is suddenly ambushed and killed by Sally, now insane under the "Eye"'s influence, startling Exetior. Sally has come after Exetior for revenge. He then asks Sally if she wants to meet him in person, opening a warp ring, and she accepts, running towards it.

He senses the hatred and rage consuming Sally and asks if she wants to kill him and she says "Correct." He states it's now one-on-one, he against Sally, remarking how it's her lucky day. Sally then activates her flame shield gadget, and dashes towards him as the level "Madness" begins.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

If Sally succeeds through the level, she can be seen tied and bound in an unknown part of the temple. Exetior concludes the girls really don't know how to use the "Eye", saying that Sally already lost Amy and Cream, due to how she attacked him personally.

Exetior pities Sally, as she thinks she's won, but she really can't perceive reality anymore, and decides that she can't be with her two friends anymore. He then leaves Sally to her fate in the caverns, bidding her farewell, killing her with spikes.

If Sally doesn't escape, Crally takes over, claiming that Sally will be "hers", and then she is seen in the temple, where her body is sliced in half by Exetior.

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