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Jaiz Koys, also known as Twin (Твин), is the creator and lead developer of the Nightmare Series games. His birthday is in June 28th, and he is the voice actor of Exetior. He is Russian.


Real World[]

It all started when Jaiz released Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning on January 26th, 2017. Almost single handedly, he had revived interest in the idea of Sonic.exe fangames, due to his new approach into making it possible to choose different paths and fates for Sonic and his friends, as well as experience actual gameplay in the Genesis style instead of just walking right. Jaiz amassed a huge following, which inspired him to create the old version of Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare. While these games were good in their own right, with the help of Kostas and other staff on the Nightmare Team, Jaiz had decided to remake his games with an original storyline instead of the shallow one that was the original Sonic.exe. History was made, and as a result, this wiki and all of its contents were created due to one person's inspiration and talent. Jaizkoys himself, although a bit overworked, remains the steadfast and honorable creator of the Nightmare Series and an inspiration of many, including that of Mastered UI Kostas, MHFX and Danuha2526.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]

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Jaiz does not appear in the game outside of Diana Mode. If Diana is tricked by Exeana, he is told by her to bring out Askail, to which Jaiz reluctantly does so. If Diana doesn't fall for it, she goes on a date with Jaiz.

Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium[]

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Jaiz only appears at a beginning cutscene talking to Diana. She informs him about the forementioned tower appearing, and he asks if he should come along, but Diana says it's fine.


Jaiz looks similar to Sonic, but with slightly duller fur, mint green stripes on his spines and ears, grey shoes, and blue eyes.


  • He and Kostas consider each other to be like brothers because they are close and their birthdays happen to be on the same day.
  • His favorite characters are Exetior, Amy, and Cream.
  • His least favorite characters are Negagen and Lord X.[1] Jaiz does not dislike Negagen, but finds him to be a little boring due to not showing much of his character.[2]
  • He prefers the Sonic 3 & Knuckles style, although Cream uses the Modgen style.

jaizkoys Gallery[]


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