The In-sanity Ending appears in Part 2 of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three if Sally and Amy are killed.

Ending[edit | edit source]

After Cream arrives in Fatal Iron, Dr. Eggman tells Metal Amy that Amy and Sally were neutralized, and that he suspected a live object in the area and thinks it’s Cream. He orders her to chase Cream while having the spotlight on. Cream escapes the place while being chased by Metal Amy and enters "Reckless Deal".

Cream is shocked when she sees the demonized Sally and Amy. She is terrified and asks why they look like the others. Amy and Sally tell her to join them and that they will be together. Cream ends up believing them and begins to approach them, but the "Eye" affects Cream, making her go crazy and say that she will never join anyone like them.

Amy wonders what happened, and Sally tells her she doesn’t know how to use the power of the "Eye" and that their living versions didn’t know how to use it. Amy says she can’t let her go and that it’s not safe anywhere. Afterwards, Cream tries to run away while Amy and Sally catch up to her and start attacking. Sally tries to use her energy shield. And after Sally is down, Amy will try to calm Cream down, but Cream either uses a Spindash to cut her or attacks her.

After being defeated, Amy jumps up and tells Cream she needs her and that she's terrified for her. Cream slices her body in half. Sally wakes up and sees Amy’s body sliced in half and starts crying. While Cream is walking alone, the "Eye" appears again and makes her go back to her normal self. She soon screams.

After the credits, it shows a scene of Cream slowly falling into a spike pit while crying and looking at Amy's ghost floating away from her and eventually fading away.

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