Fatal Iron is a level in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare. It not only is the last level for the girls if they all survive, but it also appears in other parts as well.

This level is where Eggman will send robots to whomever survives their own levels. It is associated with Team Metalix, as well as the Sonic Mania Boss theme.

In-Sanity Ending[edit | edit source]

Eggman will receive word from Metal Amy that Amy and Sally are dead, but Cream is still alive and vulnerable to the power of the Eye of Three.

Everything's Happy Ending[edit | edit source]

Cream will be taken here after destroying Amy through insanity. She is at an edge, with Metal Amy aiming her gun at Cream, and Eggman telling her to stay still, or Metal Amy will shoot her. Cream turns around, and Eggman gives her one last chance. Not taking the chance though, she runs at Metal Amy, and gets blasted in the eyes, falling off the edge to her death.

End of Trio Ending[edit | edit source]

If Sally survives and defeats Amy, but Cream is dead, she will ask the girls to forgive her, but that she can't say the same about herself though. She arrives at Fatal Iron, and commits suicide from being blasted by an overhead laser. As Exetior said in the Betray-Tion Ending, "Without the support of the other girls and the influence of the "eye", Sally will be driven to commit suicide."

Dissension Ending[edit | edit source]

If Sally survives and defeats Amy, and Cream is alive too, Cream won't believe what has just happened. Sally says that she didn't have much of a choice, but that doesn't convince Cream anymore, who now hates Sally for what she had done. She then runs off to Fatal Iron, with Sally in pursuit. Sally is then grabbed by Metal Exetior, who she's thrusted into a boss fight against. Before the boss, Eggman appears and is surprised that Sally survived. Sally blames Eggman for what had just happened. She then forces Eggman to leave when he was trying to reason with her. After defeating him, she sees that Metal Amy is going to kill Cream. Sally panics, saying that Amy will never forgive her if Cream dies. She runs towards the exit of Fatal Iron, only to find that Metal Amy is already a pile of scrap. In the post-credits scene, it is revealed that Cream jumped over Metal Amy, and finished her off with a spin attack.

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