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"I'm sorry, Mobius..." ― Exetior, in the Ex-aitor ending

"Remember, be careful with the timelines. Tails is weak, but after some time he could defeat you." ― to Exeller when he gave tips to him in Sonic.EXE: Spirits of Hell

Exetior (エクセティア Ekusetia) (originally known as Executor and also sometimes referred to as X as a demonic nickname) is the titular main antagonist in Sonic & Exe and the Sonic.exe Nightmare Version series. He is voiced by Jaiz Koys. He is usually referred to as Sonic Exe. Exe likely stands for Exetior and potentially Executor.

He is an arch-demon who escaped from prison due to constant outbursts of the Master Emerald and has taken refuge inside the body of Sonic the Hedgehog. Due to Sonic having a strong will, Exetior then goes to hunt the first Trinity (Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman) to get full control over Sonic's body. He succeeds in killing them, and then goes after the second Trinity (Amy, Cream, and Sally), and possibly the rest of Mobius too.



Exetior used to be an Elite Highest[2] and was one of the creators of Mobius. At first, his original name was Executor, then people simply called him Exetior as a nickname and kept it. Unlike all the other Highests, which were cold to the worlds they created, he was greatly attached to Mobius and did not want it to be erased. The other Highests didn't want to listen Exetior, as they thought he was just a pawn, like the many other worlds created by them. However, wanting Mobius for himself and for it to not be erased, decided to go against the Highests and go around gathering information on demons while disgusing himself as a Demon of Sharpness. Thanks to his power, making him by far the strongest demon, he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, like taking the form of Sonic[1].

One day, while wandering in a water forest of Mobius, he saw Negagen, who had absorbed too many souls, about to be attacked by Dia-Li-Lax and his friend. He intervened and knocked out the both of them, and gave advice to him on how to handle the souls better before leaving.

Later, Negagen found Exetior being surrounded by a bunch of demons. Out of his gratitude for Exetior saving him earlier, Negagen decided to try and save him. He succeeded, as Exetior managed to escape, but Negagen could not keep fighting and lost consciousness. When Negagen woke up, he saw that Exetior had saved him yet again. Exetior thanked him for his assistance, but suggested that he go back to living the solitary life he had to not get himself hurt. However, Negagen decided to help Exetior, and he accepted. During the time the two spend together, they formed a bond and became friends.[3] Before the war started, Exetior allied himself with Pervision, who agreed since it gave him all the resources he needed.[4]

A year after, after the gathering of troops, the peace Treaty was terminated. Exetior started the war with the Highests. During this time, he got Sark to join him. Exetior lost the war, and then was imprisoned in a special prison where he was humiliated by the rest of the Highests and turned into a Demon of Sharpness.

Until thousands of years later, when the Master Emerald started to cause violent energy outbursts, he was able to escape and make his way into one of the dimensions of Mobius, starting his recruitment of a new army to enact his revenge. He created an out-of-world palace called the "Blood Temple", which became a​ gathering place for demons and their base.[1] After escaping, Exetior's personality had changed to how he behaved in the old Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning. But later on, he ended up calming down.

Some time after, he managed to create a portal in Negagen's prison, freeing him. Exetior told him to create a disguise to not be detected by the Highests so easily. He then showed him a dimension where most of Mobius had already been demonized. Negagen saw Sonic in his super form, and took that form for himself with some changes.[3] He also reunited with some of his old servants, including Pervision and Sark, at one point.

Exe Mania

Exe-Mania was Exetior's first appearance and was more or less known as having the same traits as Sonic.exe, as it was a mod created for Sonic Mania 2017 by Jaiz Koys and Diana Game.

Sonic & Exe

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Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning

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Exetior plays a key role in Sonic.exe :Nightmare Beginning. He is determined to demonize Tails, Knuckles, And Robotnik. His personality was completely different, as he was ruthless and didn't even care about killing them, this Exetior known as "classic Exetior".

Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning Remake

Exetior appears in Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning Remake as a major antagonist.
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Sally.exe Continued Nightmare

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Exetior is the main antagonist in Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare. He plays a key role in demonizing the second Trinity.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three

Exetior is a major antagonist in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three. He puts the girls into a simulation and, with Dr. Eggman's help, adds a virus called "The Eye" into them. He also is key in demonizing the girls and helping free Mobius from the Highests' control.

Sonic.EXE Spirits of Hell

Exetior's only appearance occurs in Tails' solo ending. Upon entering Exetior's dimension, Exeller gives Exetior an update on how his search for Tails is doing. Exetior shows Exeller Pervision and Boddys. Exetior is not seen again after.

Nightmare Shorts: Sark's Reasoning

Exetior appears in the beginning as a cameo along with Exeller. He is referenced when Sark says, "We'll get them all", which is foreshadowing of the canonical ending of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three.

Nightmare Shorts: Wonders of Naivety

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Exetior appears in Wonders of Naivety, telling Rosy that she should not wait for him, as he goes off. Later in the episode, Rosy is seen waiting for Exetior, despite him telling her otherwise, and he's annoyed with it. Rosy then reads Exetior's mind and sees All-Father threatening him. He is surprised at this and decides to look into it the following day. She asks if he is afraid, to which he answers harshly by telling her that nothing is dear to him and everyone is just his toy. She asks him if she's a toy too. Exetior responds that she is "something else". The episode ends.

Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium

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Exetior finds a tower that appears in Mobius every thousand years. Rumor has it that the tower will grant you any wish you have when you reach the top. Fearing that the Highests might use the tower for their own use, Exetior moves his base from the Blood Temple to the Tower.


In Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning, it is seen that Exetior is ruthless, sadistic, and wants to obtain souls to get stronger. He does not care for the lives of Mobians, calling them "pieces of meat". This personality of Exetior has been named "Old Exetior".

In Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three, it is shown that he is actually more level-headed than expected, due to restraining the urges that come from being a Demon of Sharpness[5] which is to be violent and sadistic. He does lose his temper occasionally, particularly when things don't go his way[5] and with disobedient Demons that work for him.[6] He is also very intelligent and shown to be charismatic as well, as he has at least one of each type of Demon working for him. Unlike his past self, he does not always deal with things using violence and is more tactical. In addition, he hides his selfishness.

Exetior is unattached to others, even having contempt for them by viewing them as his "toys" at times.[1] The only exception to this is Negagen, his friend. He is very attached to and possessive of Mobius,[1] starting a war for the sake of keeping it under his control. He is serious most of the time, only occasionally acting otherwise. He almost never shows any genuine remorse for whoever he has to kill.


When taking the form of Sonic, Exetior looks identical to him but with darker fur, black sclerae with red pupils, and with torn eyelids. In the original version of Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning, his eyes were bleeding and his color palette in-game was wrong. He basically look identical to X, the original Sonic Exe.

Currently, his true form is a red, cloak-like figure with a strong red aura, with one eye. He also has four whitish dots on his body. When he was a Highest, he had a pale aura, and he wasn't spearheaded, unlike his current, Demon form.


Exetior has the ability to fly, teleport, create illusory copies of himself and others, and create dimensions and simulations. Being a god and an Arch-Demon rather than a regular Demon, he is far stronger than normal Highests, but seems to be slightly weaker than All-Father, who is an Elite Highest. His strength is additionally due to the Master Emerald's outbursts. However, he cannot show his true power or use the Chaos/Super Emeralds or Master Emerald, or it will alert the Highests of where he is.[1]

Exetior is as fast as Sonic in his body, but unlike him, Exetior can be as fast as he wants. Outside of Sonic's body, he has average speed.[7] He has the power to demonize deceased mortals as well as disguise himself as Sonic. He is also immortal, and cannot die. He can't be damaged also as he is a god.



Exetior and Negagen are master and apprentice, and each other's only known friend. They trust each other. Negagen is loyal and obedient towards Exetior, an example being when he refuses to let Amy go because Exetior told him to keep her there. He has great gratitude for Exetior having saved him in the past, and feels an interest and affection for him.[8] Exetior is shown to care about Negagen various times, a few examples being from how he apologizes to him in the Ex-aitor Ending and when he expresses concern for Negagen as he hadn't returned in the Betray-Tion Ending. Being his mentor, Exetior also teaches him things sometimes.


Exetior and Pervision are master and servant. Pervision is respectful to Exetior, acting with politeness towards him, and Exetior considers Pervision one of his most trusted allies.[9]


Exetior and Sark were master and servant. Not much is known about how Exetior feels about Sark other than that he disapproves of his arrogance[6] and how harsh he is to his servants.[10] Sark was somewhat willing to work for Exetior, but was not very loyal, and ended up betraying him after a Time Stone showed Exetior taking Sark's servant away from him.


Exetior and Exeller are allies, however not much else is known about their relationship. They had a conversation in Sonic.exe: Spirits of Hell, where Exetior discussed how things were going for him.

Other Servants

Exetior's other servants that are named consist of Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, and Exeniac. Exetior generally behaves with basic decency towards them and gives them advice, but will scold them if they mess up when it's important. He can lose his temper towards them, particularly if they underestimate him and act with arrogance.[6]


Exetior holds a grudge against the Highests for imprisoning him, and wants to defeat them to have Mobius to himself and to stop it from being erased over and over.


Not much is known about how Exetior actually feels about Mobians and other inhabitants of Mobius, but he gathers information on various Mobians such as the first (Tails, Knuckles, Eggman) and second (Amy, Cream, Sally) Trinities, therefore knowing a lot of things about them.


  • It was confirmed by Jaiz Koys that Exetior and Sonic.exe are NOT the same person, and that they are two different entities with different backstories. Although Exetior is an alternate version of X specifically made for the series, so he technically is Sonic.exe, but not the canon one from the original Creepypasta. However Exetior is a normal demon who used to be a highest. X is a demon made out of Dark Matter.
  • Exetior actually originated from Exe-Mania, but it was made by Jaiz Koys, like Nightmare Beginning and Sonic & Exe.
  • Exetior's prototype appearance in the original Nightmare Beginning is a dark ghostly figure that has red eyes, similar to an evil spirit.
  • Exetior got rid of the blood on his eyes that he had while as "Old Exetior" because they irritated him.[11]
  • He prefers salty and fried food over sweet food.[12]Logical, he is a demon.
  • Exetior could fight with All-Father on equal terms in his Highest form. As an Arch-Demon, he still has a chance to win, but it would be very tough.[2] (However Exetior has recently been more powerful, and stronger than Alt-Father).
  • Exetior is a Demon and consequently a God and immortal. He can't be damaged or killed. So maybe Exetior's death is kinda unlikely to happen. The same for Sonic Exe.
  • It is claimed in the Slendybob series by Tails and Knuckles that Exetior's original name was Executor. Kostas also claimed that Exetior's original name was Executor.
  • Exetior's original name was Executor but the Executor from Sonic exe: Blood Scream isn't Exetior.

Exetior's Gallery


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