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Execun is one of Exeller's minions. He first appeared in Sally.exe: The Whisper of Soul.


Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]


Sonic.exe: Tower of Millennium[]



Not much is known about Execun's past besides the fact that he is a servant of Exeller.

Sally.exe: Whisper of Soul[]

Execun first appears in this game, on either Cream's first level (depending on if you catch Alice), or Cream's second level.

If you're unable to catch Alice in time, Cream looks for Cheese once more and finds out that the Chao is dead. Shortly after, Exeller disguised as Sonic arrives on the scene and tells her to go home while he looks for Cheese's murderer. Cream goes home to find her mother, Vanilla is acting weird. Turns out, Execun was the one to kill Cheese and has already killed Vanilla and disguised as her. He attempts to kill Cream, but he's stopped by the latter accidentally turning on a flashlight. Throughout the level, he tries to kill Cream while disguised as Vanilla.

If Cream catches up to Alice, Execun isn't seen until the ending cutscene of Exebark's level where he chases Cream despite Exebark being sent after her. Either way, Tails Doll saves her and they make a trek through the forest with Execun and Exebark hunting them.

Execun is later seen in the aftermath of Sally's first level, having already killed and disguised himself as Antoine Depardieu. Should Sally fail the QTE, he jumpscares and proceeds to kill her.

If she completes it, Exebi leads her out of the room

Execun is then seen in the cutscene for Cream, saying that he and Exebark should find Cream quick cause he's getting sick of the place. Execun attemps to kill Tails Doll and Cream but they let go of each other and fall. Cream wakes up later and finds Tails Doll surrounded by Execun and Exebark


Representing Exeller's cunning, Execun seems to take pleasure in killing, as shown throughout Whisper of Soul. Execun, as its name would imply, is very deceptive and prefers to be disguised in order to lure in more victims.


Execun appears similar to the Boos from Sonic Adventure 2, but he has a blue color instead of white. He also have quills on his back.






  • He is the only servant of Exeller that can talk