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Exebi is one of Exeller's minions. He plays 2 major roles in True Ending of Sonic.exe Spirits of Hell's true ending's final boss fight. In Sally.exe: Whisper of Soul, he does not play a major role until the true ending.



Not much is known about Exebi's past besides the fact that he is a minion for Exeller.

Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell[]

Exebi is the final boss of the True Ending in Spirits of Hell, making him the first ever Exeller clone. He is summoned and attack Robotnik, Knuckles, and Tails in that order, each time being defeated.

Sally.exe: Whisper of Soul[]

In Round 2, he is mostly seen with Execun and Exebark, however in most routes/endings he doesn't play a major role, but in the True Ending of the game, he fuses with Execun and Exebark and turns into a Ultimate Execun like version of Sonic with glowing yellow eyes and mouth, he also takes control of Tails,Knuckles,Eggman,Amy and Sally minds, with the only exception of Cream, he is later on defeated and (probably) destroyed by Cream.


For all we know Exebi is made by Exeller's hypocritical mercy

He is also mentioned to play with its victims, at the point that these end up escaping (trait that annoys Execun)


Exebi is a small incarnation of Sonic, but with demonic bloody eyes resembling Exeller´s. In his true form, he becomes a very large version of himself, except for a purple organ/limb leaking from where the lower part of his body should be in. During a specific cutscene, he is shown in an even larger version. He has purple petals when transformed.


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  • Exebi is the only character to use Sonic Mania sprites.
  • Exebi appears as the final boss of Sonic.exe: The Spirits Of Hell.
  • Exebi´s small form may be a reference to the sonic plushie mentioned at the end of the original sonic.exe creepypasta.