Exe-Line 2 is the 2nd episode of Exe-Line. It was uploaded on January 12th of 2018, and is 1 minute long. It can be watched here.

Summary[edit | edit source]

It starts with Sonic walking through Suicide Hill. He jumps into the spikes and kills himself. It then cuts to the scene of the second Worst ending of Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning, then the Good ending, then Knuckles' Average ending, Fatal Fog with Sonic, and finally the Best ending.

It then cuts to static, and after it's done it shows demonized Sally standing in the Blood Temple looking at simulations of Nightmare Beginning, with Exetior apologizing to Tails about how Sonic is still afraid of him, and that he and Creep tried to explain to him about their purpose, but that he doesn't listen. Or rather, that someone else won't let him.

Exetior then approaches Sally, looks at the simulations, and asks her if she's studying the old timelines. He then says that they will be erased soon, and that they should go as they have lots to do. They then leave.

It shows the scene of the Good ending where Sonic tries to escape Destroyed Mind without having defeated old Exetior. Exetior dashes to him and stops him from running. Near the end, a blue beam hits the both of them, and for a split second it flashes Chaos Hunter's face, with one of his eyes resembling Exetior's.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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