The Everything's H A P P Y ending appears in Part 2 of Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three when only Sally dies.

Ending[edit | edit source]

As Cream is about to be attacked by the mind-controlled Amy, she suddenly fights back and the "Eye" flashes on-screen, indicating that Cream is under its effects.

After Cream defeats Amy, the "Eye" appears on-screen again while Amy fades away. After the "Eye" fades away from the screen, Cream realizes what she's done and looks horrified. But then, she slowly goes crazy, and it ends with her smiling and looking at the screen.

It then fades to Cream in Fatal Iron with Metal Amy behind her, about to shoot her. Demonized Dr. Eggman is seen in a screen and warns Cream to stand still or else she'll be shot. Cream turns to Metal Amy. Eggman once again warns her to stay still. She begins to run towards Metal Amy, but she is quickly shot in the face and falls back. The screen goes down to where Cream fell, and it shows an image of her face after being shot, with her still smiling.

Her face is brutally shot with her brain visual.

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