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Boddys is a blood-type hybrid creature with a mixture of Tails' head but longer and Knuckles' body. He first appears in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare. He is the pet of Pervision.


Sally.exe Continued Nightmare[]

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Boddys is only a weirdo involving demonized Amy, where he is seen with Pervision as well as four Sonic clones.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]

Boddys is not seen in the game outside of the beginning cutscene with Pervision and Brally.

Exe-Line 1[]

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Boddys is seen in a part of the beginning where it shows demonized Tails standing in front of demonized Cream in the Blood Temple, about to attack her.

Nightmare Shorts: Recall[]

Boddys is seen with Pervision when demonized Tails and Knuckles go meet him. When Tails suggests Pervision send Boddys into the mysterious portal, Pervision shushes him and pats Boddys, saying that there is no need to hurt his feelings. After Brally appears, he leaves along with his owner.


Boddys behaves like a wild animal,[1] and according to Pervision, he is rather sensitive.[2] He cannot speak, only whine, bark, and growl.[1]


Boddys has a long orange neck with a giant canine head with a long, white muzzle and black sclerae with red puils, as well as sharp teeth. The base of his neck has the head of Tails with empty eye sockets, and he has a large bleeding hole in the middle of his neck. His body is that of Knuckles'.


Boddys has quite sharp and strong teeth that can easily bite through metal. If a living creature gets bitten by him - it is fatal.

Boddys' body can be elongated in from the neck. He can move this part of the body like a snake.

He can create and release Knuckles skeletons from the hole in his stomach. These skeletons will fly out and attack with an attack similar to Knuckles' Tornado Attack. These skeletons are quite fragile, and will soon crumble, but they are also quite sharp and can severely injure.[3]



Pervision and Boddys are owner and pet. Pervision shows affection to Boddys and is considerate of his feelings, but it is unknown how Boddys really feels about him.


  • Boddys' name comes from "body" and "buddies". [4]



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