Not to be confused with the Average ending in the older version of Nightmare Beginning.

The Average ending appears in Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning.

Ending[edit | edit source]

The first Trinity appears in Deadly Fog walking together. Tails asks "What is this place?", to which Knuckles replies that he's not sure, and Tails mentions that he can see something in the distance. Dr. Eggman tells them to stop wasting time because they need to get a move on. Knuckles agrees with Tails, and is about to say what the "something in the distance" looks like.

Tails' Version[edit | edit source]

Old Exetior drops down from the sky and spindashes Eggman in half. He soon tries to do the same with Tails and Knuckles, but Tails jumps in time, avoiding it. Tails walks forward to see Knuckles' dead body behind Exetior.

Tails says "". Exetior says that he's impressed the unlikely fox is still alive and well. Tails, frightened, shouts that Exetior just killed them like they were nothing. Exetior says "I know. Too bad that your next..." and tells him to hold still and let him do this quick. Exetior spindashes forward, but Tails avoids it again.

Then, a spike falls down and stabs Exetior, making him fall down to the floor panting. Tails walks up to him and apologizes to "Sonic", but says that he can't let him get away with this. Exetior asks "What?", and Tails responds that the former killed all his friends, and that he's not himself anymore. Tails then says that he won't let him leave this place in one piece.

Exetior laughs and says that he killed everyone Tails knows easily. He asks Tails if he thinks he can stand a chance against him, but then Tails spindashes into him, killing him. In the credits sequence, Tails is running through a grassy area at night. At the end, he stops and sees Sonic's ghost.

Knuckles' Version[edit | edit source]

Old Exetior drops down from the sky and spindashes Eggman in half. He soon tries to do the same with Tails and Knuckles, but he misses Knuckles. Exetior then comes back to try and spindash into him, but Knuckles fights back.

Exetior asks him what's the matter and if he ruined Knuckles' "happy ending". Knuckles angrily vows to kill him, but he is knocked back by Exetior and falls to the ground panting. Exetior walks up to him and says that it was fun watching him struggle, and asks if he has any last words. Knuckles responds, "See you in hell", confusing Exetior, and then Knuckles decapitates him by using the Tornado-Attack.

Knuckles asks if Exetior really thought he was that stupid, and says goodbye to Sonic. In the credits sequence, Knuckles is climbing up a wall at night. At the end, he gets to the top, in which Amy, Sally, and Cream are seen crying.

Eggman's Version[edit | edit source]

Old Exetior drops down from the sky and lands on Knuckles, proceeding to spindash him. Tails appears terrified, and Eggman just runs away. It cuts back to Exetior laughing, with Knuckles dead and Tails thrown into the spikes above. He turns and notices Eggman, spindashing up to him.

Exetior asks him if he was going to leave without saying goodbye. Exetior starts walking up to him, but then he is electrocuted by an orb behind him. Metal Sonic appears and grabs hold of Exetior. Eggman tells "Sonic" that he's always stopped his plans in the past, and that he hasn't been able to destroy him, but that he has to say thanks, as every time Sonic was able to defeat him, he always improved after his defeat. He says his only motivation was killing Sonic, but after seeing that he's killed his own friends, he has to ask him who is the real bad guy.

Eggman says that if anything, he's doing Mobius a favor by killing him. Metal Sonic says that he can't hold Exetior for much longer. Eggman says that it wasn't nice knowing him, and tells "Sonic" goodbye. He orders Metal Sonic to snap Exetior's neck. He does so and it fades to black.

In the credits sequence, Metal Sonic is flying through Eggman's Base at night. At the end, he reaches Eggman, who says that the idea of taking over the world with robots doesn't seem very appealing to him anymore.

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