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"Help me..." ― Amy Rose

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Amy Rose is one of the minor characters that does not appear frequently, but plays an importance in cutscenes and even in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare. She is the Amy Rose from Sark's dimension, and is based on Modern Amy from the original franchise. She is voiced by YuriHaru.



Just like Amy, she once was friends with her dimension's Cream and Sally.She had a big crush on Sonic.[1]

When Sark came in their dimension, he not only killed and possessed the Sonic in that dimension, but managed to demonize most of the inhabitants living there, including Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Sally, Cream, and Amy Rose herself. Sark then began to use them as his servants. Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman, as a result of disobeying Sark, were killed by Sark himself. He then used the girls as his only other servants.

As time passed, Amy Rose's friends began to turn on her, as she was considered useless by Sark, and was constantly bullied and tortured. Her personality didn't change, because she believed that Sonic would never kill her. Sark often threw her in the basement, gave her slobs of food, sexually assaulted her, tormented her, and often called her useless. Oddly enough, she still saw some of her Sonic in him and stayed loyal to him.[1]

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare[]

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Amy Rose is only seen in an Easter Egg involving demonized Amy. She tells her not to worry as it's not that scary, and then apologizes, as she was "called there". She is later seen with Sark, as well as his Cream and his Sally.

Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three[]

Amy Rose is seen in an Easter Egg where she has to collect blue emeralds, and at the end of any ending where all of the three girls get killed, Amy Rose will then appear alone in a black screen, pleading for help. This will unlock Sark's Cutscene.

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Amy Rose then met Exetior, Sark's boss. Through him, she knew about the Amy, Cream, and Sally from Sonic's dimension, and even became slightly envious of how popular her counterpart was amongst Cream and Sally.

Amy Rose decided to stay over with the three girls, but when she came back, her dimension's Sally and Cream cornered her, and Sark found her, getting ready to torture her. Suddenly, Amy descended from the sky using her spin attack, temporarily knocking out Sark, with Sally tackling her counterpart using her Lightning Shield. Cream also attacked and knocked out her counterpart by jumping above and past her counterpart's spikes. While Sark was trying to discern what was going on, Exetior appeared behind him and explained to him that the girls came for his Amy, and left Sark without a word.

Nightmare Shorts: Sark's Reasoning[]

Amy Rose is mentioned by Sark, saying that unlike Cream and Sally who were doing well, she turned out to be defective garbage. Cream suggests killing her, but Sark refuses.

Nightmare Shorts: Wonders of Naivety[]

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Amy Rose's personality is very different. She is shy, weak, and submissive, likely due to the torment she goes through. However, she shows herself to be kind if she is given a chance.


Amy Rose looks similar to the original Amy Rose from the Sonic franchise, with her red and white dress and striped boots, her headband, and her spines in bob-cut style. However, unlike her original counterpart, her left eye's sclera is now yellow instead of white, her right eye is closed and has a brown patch, and the right side of her face is dotted with blood-like stains.


Amy Rose can read the minds of others, but this ability seems to not be controllable.[2]



Sark and Amy Rose are master and servant. Sark does not like Amy, tends to treat her badly such as with assaulting her physically and sexually, and he considers her to be useless for not being violent like Cream or Sally. Amy oddly remains loyal to Sark despite this, as she still sees a bit of her Sonic in him.[1]

Cream (Sark)[]

Cream and Amy are co-workers. Cream considers Amy to be useless, is rude to her and calls her names, and even suggests killing her to Sark, but it is unknown how Amy really feels about Cream.

Sally (Sark)[]

Sally and Amy are co-workers. Sally does not like Amy, but it is unknown how Amy really feels about Sally. When they were alive, Amy was jealous of Sally for getting more attention from Sonic.[1]


When Amy was alive, she had a big crush on Sonic. However, he did not like her back and gave more attention to Sally.[1]


While Exetior was initially hesitant to accept his girls' offer to keep Amy safe, he soon gave in and allowed her to stay over for a few days. Over time, Amy became happy to be around Exetior, and has seemed to develop a crush on him. For now, though, Exetior's shown no sign of any returning affections, although he made a very slight hint of it at the end of Nightmare Shorts #2.

However, Exetior trusts Amy enough to consider her a friend, and even sides with his girls when they rescue her from Sark and his Cream and Sally. This rescue caused Sark to hatefully turn on Exetior.


  • Unlike her canon self, who has the Piko Piko Hammer and always uses it as her main weapon, either this Amy lost it or never had it, leaving her defenseless.